About the Author

I could pretend that a third person wrote this, but who better to write “About the Author” than the author?

First of all, there is some confusion about this Dream Team book. I never wrote one before, even though if you Google “Dream Team Book” or “Jack McCallum,” there are references to a previous one written back in 1992. I don’t know why that continues to appear and wish it would disappear. The upcoming book is the first one I wrote about the Dream Team and will presumably be the only.

Before Dream Team, I wrote Seven Seconds or Less, which has a long subtitle I don’t really care for. Many people have said nice things about it, so I’m not about to argue with them. I will say that it would be hard to find a more inside-the-locker-room sports book, considering the unfettered access I was given by coach Mike D’Antoni and the rest of the Phoenix Suns organization. I owe them a great debt.

In similar fashion, I followed the Boston Celtics over the course of the 1990-91 season that resulted in a book called Unfinished Business, which also has a long subtitle you don’t need to memorize. The book examined the legendary franchise from within, a precursor to Seven Seconds, and I was fortunate to be around Bird in the twilight of his career.

I also co-wrote a 2005 novel, Foul Lines, with a Sports Illustrated colleague named L. Jon Wertheim. If you’re ever considering co-writing a book, find someone smarter than yourself to partner with, as I did with Jon.

I was a writer at Sports Illustrated for almost 30 years and, after taking a buyout, I am now listed as a Special Contributor. Leaving SI was my own choice because I was tired of traveling and didn’t want to be one of those guys hanging around talking about how great it was covering the NBA in the Magic/Bird/Jordan Era. (Although I talk about it extensively in Dream Team, and, yes, it was pretty great.) I treasure my ongoing relationship with one of the greatest magazines in history. The fact that I chronicled pro hoops for SI is the main reason that I won the Curt Gowdy Media Award from the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in 2005. My name is on a plaque somewhere in that building in Springfield, Mass.; bring reading glasses to find it.

I have a degree in English from Muhlenberg College, earned many years ago, and a master’s degree in English Literature from Lehigh University, also earned many years ago. Roughly every other semester I teach a course called “Sport, Culture and Media” at Muhlenberg.

My wife, Donna, is a happily retired teacher. My oldest son, Jamie, is a college professor at Middlebury, and my younger, Chris, is a farmer in Pennsylvania. Chris and his partner, Jill, have two children named Oliver Blue (going on 4) and Eudora Lee (going on 1). A s a doting grandfather, it took all my powers of restraint not to include photos of Little O and Little E on this website.